Like an Addict and Their Drugs…

Like an addict and their drugs, America has become lost in Denial. Denying that both political parties are enemies of our nation, “The Party” continues to lie and steal and betray all Americans with complete self-imposed legal protection and immunity from prosecution.

Headshot of a blindfolded man disintegrating.

Gluttons for punishment now, Americans have made some important decisions which help to facilitate this absurd and dysfunctional, illegal arrangement. One of those decisions to which virtually all Americans have agreed is: “All politicians lie.” How convenient. Set the bar so low you’re never disappointed; that’s what this is.

Why have Americans surrendered to dishonest leadership? Why have U.S. citizens lowered the bar so low Blindfolded-People-700x300that it can’t get any lower and then accepted this non-performance from public servants who, by the way, aren’t even serving we the people anymore?

The answer is simple: Americans have been brainwashed. Sitting at their desks, all through public school, and sitting in front of their TV’s or eating breakfast with their newspapers, they’ve been bombarded with government sponsored propaganda that tells them:

  1. The government is all-powerful.
  2. There is nothing we can do about it.
  3. All politicians lie so get over it.
  4. There is nothing we can do about it.
  5. The government is untouchable.
  6. What’s the use? There’s nothing we can do.

The propaganda is everywhere and the brainwashing begins when we first get to Kindergarten. It begins in government-run grade-schools and continues through high school and college. It’s woven into literally every Hollywood-produced television series and movie blindfoldedyou’ve ever seen. It is in every Mainstream Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC) “news” broadcast you’ve ever watched. You have been bombarded with it your entire life. No wonder so many people are brainwashed today into believing that lies are true and the truth is a lie.

The messages are crystal clear: The Government are the Good Guys and should be trusted above all else. Even when the President or Congressman plays a bad character, ultimately Government is good and should be trusted. Government-sponsored Socialism is good, and patriotic Liberty is a thing of the past. Socialist ideas pepper the movies and TV shows America is shown, in which Christianity and Christian characters are made to look bad, stupid and intolerant and Liberalism and Socialist ideas are presented as “good”. Increasing taxes is natural so that more people can be supported by the Federal Government. Partying, drug use and especially alcoholism are fun and a natural way of life and those who don’t drink are weirdos and oddballs and no fun at all.

Homosexuality and casual sex with strangers is perfectly normal and natural, while commitment to marriage is what the creepy Christians and Conservatives do. In fact, Hollywood depicts blindfolded_forecasterhomosexuality as something virtually every person explores and everyone who is normal is at least bi-sexual, if not homosexual. Girls have sex with girls all the time, in virtually every Prime Time television show produced today.

Family life is depicted as difficult and at the least, a web of lies in which parents are dishonest with each other and lie to their children. Families almost always fall apart or are depicted as  already broken or, at the least, falling apart.

Government sponsored propaganda shows racial strife as commonplace, depicts Jews as bad, like their Christian counterparts, and virtually all people of faith as hypocrites and liars. Prime-time TV show blacks as people who riot and loot at the first opportunity and almost unanimously, blacks are depicted as angry and violent. Only the free-wheeling, drug-using, alcoholic,coollogo_com-14307821 have-sex-with-anyone Liberal characters are portrayed as “normal”.

Ultimately, Prime Time makes sure that we all know that Whites can’t be trusted, Blacks can’t be trusted, people of faith can’t be trusted and principled individuals can’t really be trusted. Only the Godless Left-wing Socialist-minded characters are portrayed as smart, clever, likeable and trustworthy.

Government is not always the good guy, but they are always depicted as too big to fail and too powerful to stop. This is where we get the idea that “There is nothing I can do”, when in reality, there is much you and I can do to turn our nation around.

Mistakenly believing that “Everyone watches TV” and that “Everyone acts like this” is a Lie from Hell. There are millions of Americans who refuse to watch Mainstream Media produced shows and movies, people who have now woken up from the brainwashing to which we’ve all been subjected during our lifetimes. These individuals are commonly people of great faith, true American Patriots who love our nation and who are heartbroken over the Socialist takeover of the U.S. Government.

Political Correctness is a Socialist tool that keeps Americans from the truth, keeps us all divided and portrays good as bad, and bad as good. Only Left-wing Socialists and those who are brainwashed subscribe to Political Correctness. The rest of Americans see PC as a social sickness used in the same way other social sicknesses – like Liberalism – are utilized: for bad, not for good.

If you ever wondered why 330,000,000 people (330 million) are being bullied by little more than the 635 members of Congress, this is why: Brainwashing by propaganda. That this government allows subliminal messaging isn’t the most telling thing; that the government sponsors all of this propaganda and is behind all of this brainwashing – that is the most telling thing.

And that millions of Americans are brainwashed into allowing criminals and liars to assume positions of power in this supposedly-free nation isn’t the most outrageous fact of our circumstances; that none of the rest of us have done anything to stop this Communist-style mass brainwashing of America, that is the most outrageous fact of our circumstances.

That we do nothing about any of it – that is the most disturbing aspect of our situation in our opinion. That, in fact, is because many Americans are still in Denial about all of this. America is in Denial. That is the primary problem here.

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Brainwashed and in Denial – the beatings continue…