What Can I Do?

Fortunately, there is good news – great news, in fact! There is much we can do and there are millions of Americans who are already doing it.


Let’s start with the easy stuff. In order to get out of Denial, a drug addict must first face the truth. American Denial is no different. We must face facts about our circumstances today. Some of those facts are these:

  1. The Mainstream Media attacks all viewers every day. Movies and TV intentionally manipulate our thinking every time we watch. When the Russians do it, we call it “Brainwashing”. When our own government uses the Mainstream Media to do it, it’s called “Brainwashing” too.
  2. Those in control of the U.S. Government today attack us every day. These individuals can no longer be trusted. The White House meets with the Mainstream Media every morning and dictates what the media messaging must be each day. The White House tells the media what TO say, and what NOT to say. If the media wants a seat at the table, they follow their instructions to a “T”. Mainstream Media propaganda and subliminal messaging is dictated by the White House; the media simply complies.                                                                                                                                       The Mainstream Media reports only what they are told to report, in the way they are told to report it. They lean everything to the Liberal Socialist Left, purposely leave out relevant information and intentionally distort the truth when the White House tells them to do so. The media’s sole purpose has nothing to do with journalism today. The media has become the Propaganda Arm of the U.S. Government today. Their sole job is to manipulate public opinion. That means “Brainwash people”. Their goal is to make you and I think what they want us to think…which has nothing to do with journalism. What they report is called “Propaganda” when the Russians do it. When the U.S. Government tells the U.S. Media to do it, it’s called “Propaganda” too.
  3. The Judicial System – at least surely the Supreme Court of the United States today – is a fraud. Case after case, unconstitutional laws are found to be “Constitutional” by this SCOTUS. The Affordable Care Act, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act – all three are unprecedented laws and all violate our Constitutional rights, but this SCOTUS  deemed all three “Constitutional”. That alone is proof that the Supreme Court  is no longer trustworthy, no longer does it’s job in verifying the Constitutionality of laws, undoubtedly takes its marching orders from the White House and is no longer a legitimate judiciary, despite being the ‘Highest Court in the Land”. Like those who have taken control of the U.S Government and the American Mainstream Media, those serving on the SCOTUS have turned the Supreme Court into a Kangaroo Court, a tool for the U.S. Government to use as it wishes.
  4. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both work toward the same goals today. Neither party address the issues most important to Americans. These parties work together today, appearing to be two parties but really operate as just one party – the U.S. Government Party. We’ll refer to them from now on as “The Party”, for there is only one real political party in power today. All third party’s have effectively been culled from the competition by laws passed by The Party. That is why no third party efforts ever really challenge The Party’s rule.


That’s where we began here, right? I just wanted to establish the facts around these circumstances first. The deck is stacked. The White House runs this game and is the sole Shot Caller in America today. Anyone who challenges The Party is assassinated: JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X and most recently, Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens.

There are a couple of common threads involved in all of these assassinations, btw. The Bush Family has been involved all along the way, all the way back to JFK. The Rockefeller family? Yes, the Rockefellers have been actively involved in U.S. politics since Kennedy was assassinated, as well.

So what can I do? Many things, to get started.

  1. Stop supporting this fraudulent system. If the folks who run the card game you’re playing continually lie and cheat, do you keep playing with them? No. The same goes for the ballot box. If you don’t believe that votes are counted anymore, then don’t show up and act like you do. Stop playing the game. You’re losing and the plan is for you to lose. So stop playing.
  2. Stop feeding yourself propaganda. That means stop watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, stop reading the Mainstream Media newspaper every day. Stop watching Prime Time TV shows. That alone will free your mind over time.
  3. Find like-minded persons in your community with whom to connect, and then connect with them. Learn from people who have been disconnected from The System longer than you have. Listen more than you speak when you meet with them.
  4. Take an interest in true American history. Read up on how our Founders intended this nation’s government to function. Today, America is a dictatorship, only we can’t see who the Dictator really is. Read what our Founders wrote about safeguarding against people like those in power today in the USA. Our Founders knew that men like today’s political leaders would show up one day and they put systems in place so that we could identify and eliminate every single crook, scoundrel and Traitor who made their way into leadership in the USA.
  5. Talk about what you learn about. Most of your friends and mine are still brainwashed. That’s because they continue to watch the “Morning News”, the “Evening News” and read the local newspaper every day. They feed themselves propaganda daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them about these issues. Just be prepared for them not to agree with you… for awhile. They don’t know what they don’t know yet. You might be the first person to shine a light on the truth for them, and when a person is in Denial, as much of America is today, a common first response is to deny the truth. But be patient. Use facts, not opinions, to make your case. Facts are bulletproof. Eventually, some of your friends are going to hear you. Be patient, however. It can be a solitary walk for awhile.
  6. Look into Libertarianism. Unlike the Libertarian Party (don’t confuse the two – Libertarianism does not support party politics), Libertarianism is a philosophy which centers around freedom for the individual. Once you understand this philosophy, you’ll be on your way to personal freedom, your eyes will open wide and you will not believe that you bought into so much incredibly hurtful bulls*** your entire life.

Brainwashed and in Denial – the beatings continue…